Professional 3D Interior and Exterior Designs

We offer professional 3D design services. Before you can get accurate apples to apples quotes or estimates from us and other builders, you need complete plans or blueprints. We can help you save money on your custom home, barn, garage, or other building because unlike expensive architecture services, we actually build most of the projects that we design, so we know how to design cost-effectively for our clients. Also, our custom 3D plans, versus stock 2D plans offered by most sellers or architects, help our clients clearly visualize their home with realistic interior and exterior images from multiple angles, greatly reducing changes during construction, again saving time and money.


Site Visits

When possible, we’ll meet at your building site to help locate your home in a way that takes advantage of its special geography and views in a cost-effective way. Understanding the topography of your land allows us to customize your complete plans, for example, foundation, driveway, decks, patios, steps, and landscapes to fit your building site.

Here's a house that we recently designed and are currently building with a partner. Some images are of different versions to help our clients visualize different options which is the beauty of designing in 3D.

Posted by Lee Stone Custom Homes on Friday, March 1, 2019

Here are some images of an addition that we're design-building.

Posted by Lee Stone Custom Homes on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Did you know that we offer professional 3D design services? Before you can get accurate quotes from us or any other...

Posted by Lee Stone Custom Homes on Tuesday, January 13, 2015